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Use application consent policies to delegate admin consent

·12 mins
Application consent policies in Azure Active Directory can be used to delegate tenant-wide user and admin consent to other users, groups and applications. This blog post explains how to configure these policies using the Microsoft Graph REST API including a test case to show how a test user is able to grant admin consent to an application it owns.



Short introduction to Hashicorp Terraform Cloud (Free) and AzureRM

·4 mins
Hashicorp Terraform is an infrastructure of code tool that is cloud-agnostic and supports on-premises aswell. I’m using the Terraform CLI quite some time, but nowadays there is another option: Terraform Cloud. Terraform Cloud is the managed service offering of Hashicorp and is the easiest way to start with Terraform today. Let’s check it out!

Flash ESPEasy on NodeMCU ESP32-WROOM-32

·2 mins
I bought some NodeMCU ESP32-WROOM-32 development boards to monitor temperatures of my central heating system with 20+ underfloor heating groups. I want to know the temperature of each group to optimize the system. I use ESPEasy because it is more or less plug-and-play. In this blog post I share how you flash and install ESPEasy on your ESP32.