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GitLab Kubernetes Integration with RBAC enabled

·2 mins
Officially, GitLab doesn’t support RBAC enabled Kubernetes clusters yet, but with some manual configuration, it is possible to integrate your Kubernetes cluster into Gitlab with RBAC enabled.


Request an API (bearer) token from GitLab JWT authentication to control your private Docker registry

·4 mins
My continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline use Docker containers and a private Docker registry to distribute and deploy my applications automatically. Unfortunately, the Docker command-line tool can’t really control the Docker registry, actually, it is only capable of pushing and pulling image (tags). This is a bit frustrating because, when you’re using your continuous integration pipeline to build containers, push them to the registry, and pull them again to run the QA, the registry will eat up all your disk space due the images are never removed. To clean up your ‘mess’, you have to remove the images manually, but it’s way cooler (and simpler) to use the Docker registry API for this job.

Setup your private GitLab server with Docker (and Rancher)

·3 mins

As a developer, I used GitHub a lot to store my (private) projects. This works great, but I do miss the CI integration as done by GitLab. I could use public services like Travis, but they do charge for private projects.

Because we’re using GitLab and GitLab CI at work I wondered how much work it would be to setup my private GitLab server on my Rancher environment. In this blog post, I will share the results with you.